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Contact Information
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Initial Website and Competition Information
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Completion Requirements
Start Date dd/mm/yy
Complete Date dd/mm/yy
Search Engine Optimization Services Requirements
Keywords/Phrases research
Keywords/Phrases report 
Optimization of HTML for search engines
Keywords development and research for paid placement (eg. AdWords, Overture etc.)
Manage PPC placement
  Total pages affected by ticked services
Optimization of copy or design for search engines (New sites)
Editing of copy or design for search engines (Allows editing of design and copy of existing site)
Referrer traffic analysis (Log analysis)
Search Engine Submission Services Requirements
Pay for inclusion directory & search engine submission
Submission report
3 Month directory tracking and search engine positions report
Link Analysis and Services Requirements
Link analysis
Link development strategy
Reciprocal link campaign management (uses link analysis with reports)
Purchased link campaign management (uses link analysis with reports)
Target audience (a brief description up to 255 chars):
Proposed keywords and phrases (255 chars) comma delimited list:
Other comments or requirements (255 chars):

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