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  Frequently Asked Question

01 What is website promotion?
02 What is a directory?
03 How do you submit my site to search engines?
04 How long does it take for my site to appear in search engines?
05 Should I put my meta tags on just my main/home page or on every page on my site? Should I repeat the same tags on each page or modify them?
06 What about Pay Per Click (PPC) programs, such as Google & Overture?
07 What is the difference between a directory and a search engine?
08 My website needs a revamp - can you help?
09 Why are keywords important?
10 How do I find the best market-targeted keywords referring to my business?
11 What is search engine optimization?
12 Why should you submit website to search engines and directories?
13 Are all links created equal?
14 Why is link popularity important?
15 What are spiders?
16 What are meta tags?
17 Can you customize a package for me? I have a small site and only need a few pages promoted.
18 Do you provide other corporate branding services?
19 Why should I use Seoconsulting specialist search engine marketing services instead of using free software to submit to thousands of search engines?
20 I have submitted my website to Yahoo! several times and I have yet to get listed. What am I doing wrong?
21 How do I know you really submitted my site to all those search engines?
22 Do you need meta tags?
23 Why are some of my keywords not listed?
24 Which engines/directories do you submit to?
25 Why is it necessary to maintain my search engine marketing campaign?
26 Why is my site not listed on Yahoo?
27 Do you accept all clients?
28 What differentiates your service from other service providers?
29 How will people find your web site?
30 How long does it take to achieve results?
31 Which search engines, directories and other popular indices do we submit to ?
32 What kind of reporting do you provide?
33 How many hits will my website increase to after you submit my site?

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